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Economic & Efficient Testing Services for  the Mineral & Environmental Industries
Disa Labs Advantage

Disa Labs was made for those in the mineral processing industry who value timelines, reputation, and economics. Knowing the importance of testing transparency, we offer frequent updates between clients and our lab from start to finish.

We have the flexibility to plan and fulfill comprehensive client-customized scopes where, at present, existing labs are too busy to deliver on all clients' needs. Excessive lead times are frustrating, and we strive to alleviate this. We have the capacity to provide organized, detail-oriented and focused work on your project.

If you need dependable results, responsive service, and superior performance, contact us to begin your next testing campaign.





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Our Focus

  • Provide essential and customized testing for emerging and existing projects

  • The central hub for all testing including the single source for reporting

  • Highly-competitive turnaround time and pricing

  • Affordable for small scale prospecting and hobby mining

  • On-site prep or hot-shot collection services for time critical projects

  • Continue to innovate our offering to meet client needs - if you need something done, we can do it!

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Below are our broad capabilities. Disa Labs offers specialized tests to meet any testing needs. For a full list, click the link below.​


  • Sample Assay Prep

    • Drying

    • Crushing

    • Pulverizing

    • Splitting

  • Milling/Grinding

  • Screening and Particle Size Distribution Analysis

  • Various Separations Processes

  • Elemental Analysis

  • RadChem

  • TCLP and SPLP Testing

  • Mineralogy

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Novel Mineral Liberation

In addition to the industry-standard testing procedures applicable for most metallurgical and mineral processing projects, Disa Technologies offers its patented High-Pressure Slurry Ablation (HPSA) technology. This novel method of mineral liberation allows for greater recoveries, higher grades and reduced processing energy.

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